Without my blathering on this blog, the Anteaters have attacked the season’s stretch run with admirable aplomb. First, Luke Nelson ensured that the UC Davis game would decide the conference champ. Then, the entire squad came on like gangbusters, destroying the Aggies by 30. And now, for the third time in five seasons, our favorite college squad finds themselves one win away from the Big Dance.

Of course, anything can happen. The pangs of heartache are a sensation we know all too well as Anteater fans. But I have to admit, it’s reassuring to know that UCI is the favorite. Vegas has UCI as 5 point favorites over our UC brethren to the north. And if UCI performs according to the Vegas line like they did against UC Riverside and Long Beach, I will see all of you on the floor of the Honda Center.

Due to some losses from mid-major conference favorites, UCI has gotten the proverbial bump up to a 15 seed. Even better, ESPN’s Bracketology currently has UCI slotted in Sacramento, which would clearly be the most convenient destination for ‘Eater fans to attend.

Let’s see how it all shakes out!