Longtime UCI men’s basketball fans will remember Aras Baskauskas as a scrappy guard who played for UCI from 2001-04, never averaging more than 2 PPG. Hardcore Survivor fans will remember him playing a brilliant game while winning Survivor: Panama Exile Island, which aired in 2006.

I wasn’t around for either event, but it was still cool to hear Baskauskas enthusiastically say “Zot Zot Zot! That’s right! Anteaters, baby!” during a shout out to Anteater basketball on a recent episode of Rob Has a Podcast, a popular Survivor/reality TV podcast.

Baskauskas calls UCI a “great school” and later comments that the Anteaters “haven’t had too many good seasons in a while, but hopefully next season we’ll win the Big West and get to the tournament.”

Regardless of his actual counting stats at UCI or his 15 minutes of fame on reality TV, it’s encouraging to see Anteater alums move on in life and become successful in other endeavors and life goals. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and remember that the young men and women we write about here on Zotcubed are doing more than just competing in a game. They’re learning life skills and earning an education and giving back to society in a way that will add to the prestige of a degree from UCI. Sometimes, the stats and the game results really do come secondary. Cheers, Aras!