UC Davis (1-19, 0-8) vs. UC Irvine (8-13, 4-4) at 7:30 p.m. in Irvine, CA

Tonight’s match-up against our sister school in farm country is notable for one main reason. According to the current RPI ratings, UC Davis comes into town as the worst Division I basketball team in the entire nation. This is a staggering feat when you consider that there are 344 schools that play Division I basketball, with many schools smaller than UC Davis that you’ve never heard of in the middle of nowhere (the case could be made that Davis is in the middle of nowhere, but let’s concede that it is reasonably close to Sacramento which is reasonably close to the Bay Area).

However, due to the loss of leading scorer Ryan Sypkens to a season-ending injury and a team that seems too small and too slow to guard just about anyone in D-I, the Aggies haven’t been able to beat anyone this season except for UC Santa Cruz, a mediocre D-III program.

Earlier this year, the Anteaters defeated the Aggies by 15 at Davis. Let’s hope that UCI can keep up their recent strong play and more importantly, not become the first D-I team to lose to UC Davis this season. For the record, the only other D-I team without a win over another D-I team this season is Binghamton (0-22), a school in the SUNY system in southern New York.