Indiana Jones: I came here to SAVE you!
Professor Henry Jones: Oh, yeah? And who’s gonna come to save you, JUNIOR?
Indiana Jones: [shouts] I told you…
[grabs a gun and shoots all soldiers dead]
Indiana Jones: DON’T call me Junior!
Professor Henry Jones: Look what you did! I can’t believe what you did!

Will Davis II busted out against Seattle, putting up his first double-double against a D-I opponent.


I never thought about this before, but did anyone else out there wonder why Will Davis II isn’t just Will Davis Jr.? Is it just a preference thing on Will’s part, or is it just the way he was named on his birth certificate? Do people with the same name as their dad always have a choice between Jr. and “the second?”

Well, whatever the case, @will_so_ill had a proper breakout game tonight going absolutely bonkers with 21 points, 10 rebounds, 5 blocks (Mark Roberts claims six, although Roberts also claimed that Davis was “literally” like a man on a flying trapeeze tonight) and an efficient 9-10 from the floor. Tonight, Davis played less like a junior version of his true potential and more like the second coming of Atlanta’s Josh Smith. (/hyperbole)

The 78-67 win was encouraging for several other reasons as well.

  • UCI won despite having a poor shooting night (including a dreadful 1-12 night from Derick Flowers) as a team, which meant that this game wasn’t just another USD win. They won with good defense, and outplaying Seattle at their own game of pressing and creating turnovers.
  • It breaks a three-game losing streak and provides a nice confidence boost going into the Homecoming game against UC Riverside.
  • Adam Folker set a personal career high with 15 rebounds on the night, an awesome sign that Adam still has the magical rebounding touch, especially against some athletic Redhawk rebounders.
  • It keeps Russell Turner undefeated against Cameron Dollar, which isn’t much (2-0), but still a good thing when considering the parallels brought up in my previous post.

Will can be incredibly good … his issue is strength and consistency. He’s a smart young man, and a great fit here at UCI. I’m proud to have recruited him, and the sky is the limit. – Russ Turner