Derick Flowers had another good game for UCI, leading the team with 16 points. (Zotcubed)

Another good start and a rusty Long Beach State team led to a slight lead for UCI at halftime, until things quickly unraveled in the second half. Overall, I thought it was still a solid effort for UCI, but Long Beach State was simply the better team. After the jump is Zotcubed’s first attempt at a photo recap. I don’t pretend to be a sports photographer, so I apologize about things not being completely up to usual AP standards.

Michael Wilder and Will Davis II get pumped up during pre-game intros. (Zotcubed)
Adam Folker takes and loses the opening jump against TJ Robinson. (Zotcubed)
Chris McNealy drives to the bucket for two points. (Zotcubed)
Derick Flowers in the midst of a spectacular reverse lay-up. (Zotcubed)
Collin Woods gets called for the charge, barreling over Long Beach's Larry Anderson. (Zotcubed)
A rather patriotic shot of UCI's Michael Wilder nailing a three-pointer. (Zotcubed)
Long Beach State's James Ennis gives the 49er faithful a scare, going down with an apparent ankle injury. He would later return. (Zotcubed)
Casper Ware dunks the ball emphatically late in the second half. This photo more or less sums up the second half. (Zotcubed)