8:10 – UCI pep band getting some love. Surprisingly good student involvement on the fight song too.

8:19 – Can’t say the intro video tops last year’s epic piece, but I do like how the players are brought out on the court and not just left waving up on stage.

8:28 – Three-point shooting time. Some nice baseball-style handshakes between Wilder and McNealy after Chris puts up the best showing for the guy’s so far…

8:30 – Interesting idea to have random students partake in the contest… men’s team wins.

8:32 – Wilder, Starring, Flowers and numerous women’s team members join MCIA in a spiffy dance routine. Not bad.

8:34 – Dunk contest time. Don’t see anyone topping Zack Atkinson this year… hopefully no more Ryan Staker taking his shirt off dunks.

8:37 – Looks like Will Davis, Marcus Bradley, Kevin Mulloy and … Mike Best.

8:39 – Best keeps doing dance moves. Would have liked to see him in the MCIA routine.

8:40 – This camera man is killing me.

8:43 – And that’s a wrap. Even just from this (somewhat underwhelming) Midnight Magic event, you can tell this team is young. Should be an interesting season.